System Design

The most important part of any project is the design stage. If this stage is not given the correct resources the project will not be successful no matter how good the equipment or craftsmanship.

Filtrex’s commitment to quality ensure the design stage is given all the resources necessary to ensure that all projects are successfully and meet the customers’ expectations.

In the design stage the customer requirements are fused to with engineering expertise to produce elegant solutions which are efficient, robust, user friendly and are tailor made to meet our customer’s needs.   

A good design should always lead to systems that are:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Labour Saving
  • Waste Reducing
  • Long lasting
  • Cost Effective

Filtrex’s proven design methodology is as follows.

1. Initial Enquiry

The first contact between the client and Filtrex, an important stage in any project as first impressions are always important. In any enquiry it is important to identify the problems facing the customer and what are there desired outcomes are.

2. Consultation & Site Visit

This is a key stage in building up a good working relationship between Filtrex and any prospective clients. It allows our experienced engineers to gain a visual conformation of the specific issues which every project must overcome. It allows our engineers to design solutions which fit seamlessly with existing systems and buildings.

3. Design Solutions

Having identified the particulars of the site, location and customer needs, Filtrex then identifies all the potential solutions available to the client. Each solution is weighted on their potential virtues and disadvantages to the client. This customer focus ensures the most suitable solution is presented to the customer.

4. Specification & Quote

Once both the client and Filtrex are in agreement about the best solution a quote is presented to the client. All Filtrex quotes are specification driven to ensure customer satisfaction and that all systems designed by Filtrex meet all the relevant legal, ethical and environmental legislation.


The key to the success of any project is to ensure a constant stream of dialogue between the Filtrex and the customer. No matter how well a system operates if it’s not what the client was expecting they won’t be happy and the key to a successful business is to keep the client happy”


Brendan Lynch MD


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