LEV Testing

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is any system which removes dust, fumes, vapours or any airborne contaminants which may cause occupational health issues to your staff.


Under legislation employers are required to ensure that their employee’s exposure to any hazardous substances are removed where possible or controlled at source to reduce exposure. Adverse health effects can occur due to exposure to harmful or carcinogenic materials, but also to more benign contaminants where simple frequency and duration of contact can lead to serious health impacts.


The employer has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure there LEV system is operating correctly and providing adequate protection to their employees. There is also a financial aspect due absenteeism and the associated loss of productivity due to occupational health issues. So its everyone’s interest to conduct a LEV test on a yearly basis to ensure your system is operating your correctly.


With 20 years of experience in Pneumatic Conveying and Dust extraction Filtrex can perform this service for you. Filtrex can evaluate the performance of your LEV system make recommendations and design alterations to improve your system's performance.


An LEV test from Filtrex includes a thorough examination of all equipment including hoods, filters fans ductwork. A technical analysis of the velocity and static pressure in the duct, and a quality assessment hood performance on your system. It includes a technical report highlighting performance so that any degradation in performance each year.


With our vast experience we are able to offer advice and solutions if any aspect of LEV is found to be under performing.   


Included in a Filtrex LEV test:


  • System Design Analysis
  • Extraction performance analysis
  • Assessment of local control effectiveness
  • Test Labelling
  • LEV test analysis report
  • Advice and Recommendation of Performance improvements.


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