Filtrex supply a range fans from market leaders such as Aargaard, Hocker Polytechnik and Woodcock & Wilson.  These high quality fans have efficiencies of up 90%.


Under legislation many industries are now required to use ATEX compliant fans, Contact our engineers to receive guidance on sizing and selecting the correct fan for your application.


Filtrex have supplied fans into many sectors of industry for differing applications including:


  • Wood Processing
  • Paper/Print
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print Finishing
  • Glass Processing
  • Fume Extraction


Fans come in the following types:


  • Material Handling (chopper)
  • Centrifugal
  • Direct drive
  • Belt driven
  • Inverter controlled.


 55 KW BLZ    

Fans supplied by Filtrex at
Fine Irish Pine, Co. Cavan

Two 55 kW BLZ 1000/1066
each handling 32,500m³/h




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