Essentra Trim Extract

Essentra Packaging approached Filtrex regarding their failing waste extraction. In their airways factory pharmaceutical packaging is produced Their current waste extraction was noisy, blocked easily and inefficient. Essentra required a system which was more efficient, less noisy and provided a clean working environment. Filtrex designed and built a system in a working factory with only a few days downtime. It was a multistage project. The system was designed to be a robust trim extract system, provide energy savings through managed use of the system, filter the extract air and return to the factory and reduce labour costs in disposing of paper waste.


Each of 6 machines generates waste from cutting card and paper in which the Filtrex design removed to a central waste compactor.A 'breaking out' area, where large amounts of waste is generated was included in the design. The system consisted of a Hocker Polytechnik Separator mounted above two stationary compactors, a negative pressure filter, fan and control panel.


The system was installed in separate stages in order to minimise extended downtime of equipment. The successful project now operates on a continuous basis for the shift workers. It reduces noise in the factory and provides a working environment with better air quality while lowering the cost of operating the system for the owners.





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