Agri Bio Straw Briquetting System

In 2009 Agri-bio approached Filtrex with a problem of straw. Niall of Agri-bio is a tillage farmer who was getting a very low price on baled straw. Niall came to Filtrex wanting to increase the value of his straw by turning it into a retail product. This retail product is Strogs or Straw Logs, which are briquetted straw logs. Strogs can be burned in any stove and are a carbon neutral product, perfect for the green-savvy consumer.

Filtrex have the expertise to develop a system, in conjunction with international suppliers, which would automate a briquetting process.Filtrex carried out feasbility studies on the system to ensure that there was a good business case for the system. Filtrex then set about designing the custom system to the needs of Agri-bio.

Raw material of baled straw is fed into a hopper/conveyor system and the automated process begins. Hammermill, shredding, silos fans and the briquette press all work automatically to produce a straw briquette which is then cut and packaged into a retail bag complete with label and handle. The entire system is automated to reduce labour costs.






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